9 Features Homebuyers Want the Most

Daunted by the prospect of selling your house? Let research reassure you, as well as inform you, of what today’s homebuyers really want and how to market your house to be more appealing to those potential buyers.

Top Features Homebuyers Look For

Research recognizes several features homebuyers look for when house hunting. A few features are for homeowners selling now, which can quickly add value to the home without costing too much money. Other features are more costly and timely and should be used as a guideline for future sellers to prepare their home for sale.

Today’s homebuyers want the following features:

  1. Laundry Room
  2. Current Colors
  3. Exterior Lighting
  4. Patio
  5. Ceiling Fans
  6. Kitchen Storage
  7. Eat-in Kitchen
  8. Updated Bathroom
  9. Garage Storage Space

1. Laundry Room

Would it shock you to learn that a laundry room is the number one item today’s homebuyers want to see? They want their dirty laundry out of their guests’ sight. One of the best ways to achieve this is with cabinets, which are great for a laundry room or laundry space as they attractively increase organization while concealing mess and miscellany.

Adding a “laundry room” with custom cabinets may appear cost prohibitive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have an area in your home convenient to pipes or an under-used closet, take a close look to determine if you might easily construct a great laundry area.

It may cost less than you think and increase your house’s value and sell-ability.

2. Current Colors

If you are planning to sell now, you’re probably interested in projects that can add appeal and value without too much investment of money or time. A fresh coat of paint in a trendy color is a great starting place.

You certainly don’t want your home to appear stuck in a time warp, so familiarize yourself with current colors – and get out your paintbrush.

3. Outdoor Lighting

If the wiring is already in place, updating exterior lights requires minimal work and outlay for your home to become more attractive to potential purchasers.

If your property is not wired, check out solar products. An abundance of solar-powered merchandise is available to make your home safer and more appealing to today’s shoppers.

4. Patio

Another exterior feature homebuyers appreciate is a patio. If you’re eager to sell your home quickly, determine where a small patio will be most convenient. Installing a few pavers close to your house can be an inexpensive, beneficial weekend project.

5. Ceiling Fans

Because ceiling fans make a heating/cooling system more efficient, they are much-wanted features by people purchasing a new house. Refurbishing existing fans or adding one or two to your house can make it more appealing.

If you have years before you’re planning to sell, replacing outdated windows, doors, and appliances with energy-smart versions is a good investment.

However, that much expense is not attractive to someone interested in selling this week, month or year.

6. Kitchen Storage

Storage is the common theme among the items on a homebuyer’s wish list because for any homebuyer how spends a lot of time in the kitchen, storage is a make or break deal. Custom kitchen cabinets are among the most popular ways to increase storage attractively.

If your current cabinets aren’t doing the job or no amount of paint can make your tired room look perky, talk with a designer of custom kitchen cabinets about replacing them. You may be able to increase your storage space as well as update your kitchen with a trendy look, like putting lighted, glass-doors on one or a few cabinets. Viola! A completely new look!

7. Eat-In Kitchen

Research indicates that an eat-in kitchen is almost as appealing to today’s homebuyers as a laundry room. If you already have an area, emphasize it with staging before showings. If not, figure out where to fit a small table and couple of chairs in order for viewers to recognize the potential.

Eat-in kitchens are a great way for families and friends to enjoy each others company while dinner is being prepared. It can also double as a food prep area. This may be a more costly and timely job, but if your kitchen is halfway there, consider remodeling to fit in an eat-in area. Kitchen islands with cabinets are a great way to create an eat-in area and increase storage space.

8. Updated Bathroom

Very high on the must-haves among homebuyers are updated bathrooms. Small entry bathrooms are inexpensive to brighten and are one of the first things your potential buyer sees. A coat of paint, a couple sheets of wainscoting, and a unique mirror can turn bland into spectacular.

Requiring more work is likely to be your large family bathroom, but there’s no reason to break the bank here, either. To create a fresh look, you can swap out dingy faucets and towel racks, regrout the tub, and add storage with new bathroom cabinets. If the vanity is outdated or too grimy, consider bathroom remodeling with a custom vanity.

9. Garage Storage Space

Today’s homebuyers want the convenience of a place to store bicycles, tools, coolers and the must-haves of life that don’t coordinate with the interior decor. Examine the area you’re currently using. If you don’t have a pegboard, installing one is inexpensive and will increase storage space.

Installing shelves is another cost-effective way to increase storage space and increase the value of your home garage, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Improving these areas and a little staging can create an appealing home that will sell more quickly than if you leave it as-is and hope the right person comes along. For pieces specific to your spaces, no matter big or little, contact the custom home remodelers at RM Kitchens to create a plan so you can move on to the next phase of your life by selling your home more quickly and for greater value.

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