What Should be Included in Any Basement Kitchen

Adding a kitchen to your basement can be an exciting investment. Not only is it a great selling point if you choose to sell in future, this can be a great place for entertaining and hosting. Movie nights, parties, and the ability to create a separate apartment downstairs are just a few added benefits to adding a basement kitchen. Here are a few things you should include in your installation to make it that much better.

A Bar Area

Whether you want a wet bar or dry bar is entirely up to you (and your budget), but including a bar is a must in any basement kitchen. It helps keep things organized when it comes to food and drink arrangements and can be very elegant when hosting guests or potlucks. The difference between a wet bar and a dry bar is all about water. Wet bars have running water and a sink, while a dry bar is for serving beverages only, and has no running water hooked up to it. Wet bar options usually come in handy with food prep and will be more suitable for basement apartments, but can be a more expensive option. Many homeowners also choose to install a wine fridge under the bar as well.

Quality Countertops

It might make sense to splurge on quality products in your main kitchen while going cheaper in the basement, but countertops are one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. Go for a durable material like granite or cambria. This will be helpful in maintenance and upkeep and will ensure your basement kitchen area doesn’t get worn down over time. If you go with a wet bar option, be sure your sink fits the space you have. Smaller sinks that are less deep will probably be enough to keep your basement working. Use good materials here as well to ensure a long life for your most expensive additions.

Popcorn Machines

This is a fun addition and won’t add much to your basement budget. For family movie nights or a quiet date night, a popcorn machine is a must. For those on a budget, you can get an inexpensive one that does just the basics. If your budget allows for something a bit more extravagant, look into a kettle-style or vintage popcorn stand for a movie theater feel. Don’t forget to pick up theater-style popcorn bags before your movie!

Oven and Microwave

An oven or a kitchen environment with space for a toaster oven or microwave is great for basement kitchens. If you would rather forgo a popcorn machine, the microwave is perfect for making popcorn so you won’t miss any important parts of your movie nights. An oven allows you to bake whatever you would like for you and your guests without having to constantly run up and down stairs. Even small toaster ovens can be a great alternative to keep hors d’oeuvres warm and fresh before guests arrive.


If your basement kitchen doesn’t allow the space for a refrigerator, you can always have one installed under the countertops. This allows for convenience when serving drinks, food, and more. It also allows you to store leftovers without taking up too much space in your main kitchen’s fridge.

One More Thing…

As a homeowner, you have a variety of options to include in your new basement kitchen. Including these in your kitchen will make entertaining and hosting a breeze. Keep in close contact with your contractor and make sure you are both on the same page to avoid any miscommunications. And if you live in central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Lancaster, Chambersburg, Hershey, etc) (see entire service area), we’d be happy to serve as the general contractor for your new basement kitchen. Get an, in-person design consultation and estimate by emailing us or by calling us at (717) 867-5000!

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