Declutter Your Kitchen – 19 Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is a room you use every day for preparing meals, so you don’t want to find yourself searching for ingredients or cookware at the last minute. The best way to avoid frustration is to create an organizational system for your kitchen. Use the following kitchen storage and organization tips to clear the clutter and make every mealtime a breeze.

1. Clear Your Countertop

It’s easy for a countertop to accumulate snacks, utensils, and mail. The key is to only store the kitchen items you use daily on your countertop, and keep these items close to their designated zones (see #2). Items that don’t belong on your countertop should be placed in their own spots.

2. Group Your Supplies

Grouping your supplies is a big part of kitchen organization. Start by dividing everything into different zones. You can designate one zone to your weekly menu and another zone to your baking essentials. Once you create your designated areas, group the items in each zone by size. Your cake mix boxes or canned goods should be grouped together in their respective areas.

3. Store Your Towels Close

If you’re creating a cleanup zone, you want to keep your dish towels in a cabinet or on a hook in that area. You can also install a pull-out towel rack with multiple bars. Use the bars to dry and store your dish towels. You may even want to install a paper towel holder in the cleanup zone.

4. Use Drawer Dividers

Your drawers may hide utensils and cookware, but you still want to keep this space neat and tidy. It’s easier to organize your supplies when you invest in drawer dividers. You can even use a two-tier drawer organizer to separate the utensils you use daily from the utensils you only use for special occasions.

5. Cutting Boards On The Door

The key to kitchen storage is to think outside the box. This includes finding a spot for your cutting boards until you need them again. Create a extra kitchen storage space by installing a cutting board rack inside the cabinet door or consider installing custom kitchen cabinets. It keeps the cutting boards out of the way, without keeping the cabinet door from closing.

6. Use The Doors For Smaller Items

Use the inside of your cabinet or pantry door as an additional storage space. There are door racks and organizers designed to hold spices, snacks, ingredients, and small jars. It’s best to use a narrow rack or organizer so you can store several items without keeping the door from closing.

7. Store Dry Goods In Clear Containers

The best way to organize and store your cereal, snacks, and dried pasta is to invest in clear stacking containers. The containers make it easy to organize your food and keep track of your inventory. You can even cut important information from each package and tape it to the container lid for easy reference.

8. Hide Your Pots and Pans

You don’t have to leave everything in plain sight when organizing your kitchen. Kitchen organization also involves hiding your cookware until you need to use them again. You can hide your pots and pans in a roll-out tray or deep drawer. If you need an alternative, use a movable cart with shelves for your cookware.

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9. Embrace Open Shelves

Open shelves are great for storing items and creating more visual space. Use the shelves to display glassware, cookware, and cookbooks, or use the shelves for ingredients, quick snacks, and non-perishable food. Create an appealing display with baskets, bins, and racks.

10. Use Floating Shelves

Your wall is not the only spot that can be used for shelf space. You can also install floating shelves on the side of your cabinet for your bread or mugs. The floating shelves allow you to maximize the space on the side of your cabinet. Use the floating shelves for items you plan to use at the counter often.

If you are looking for items that make kitchen storage an easy task, look no further than cubbies. Use the cubbies to organize items, such as mixing bowls and small appliances, and be sure to store the components and manuals with each item.

12. A Place For Spices

You don’t want to store your spices above the stove because the heat affects the flavor of each spice. It’s best to store the spices below your cooktop or next to the stove. If you are storing your spices inside a drawer, lay the bottles on their sides with the labels visible.

13. Hang Your Utensils

Kitchen organization is easier when you maximize your wall space, and this means hanging your utensils in plain sight. You can attach the metal utensils to a magnetic strip, or you can install a metal rod and use hooks to hang the utensils.

14. Hang The Dish Rack

You can also use the wall as a place to dry your dishes. All you have to do is install a dish rack on the wall above the sink. Your dishes dry without taking up space on your counter, and the permanent fixture means you don’t have to take out and put away the dish rack.

15. Upright Storage Solutions

Upright storage is another method of kitchen organization, and it’s a great storage option for platters and cutting boards. You can even separate the items with dividers. One idea is to put the narrow space next to your sink or range to good use with upright storage.

16. Create a Pantry

If your space is limited, create your own pantry for your ingredients, snacks, and non-perishable food. It’s best to use substantial size drawers for your items. You can create smaller zones and store the items upright, and the drawers make it easy to reach the items you need.

Are you looking to go big with your kitchen organization? Consider adding a custom kitchen island with open storage to your kitchen. The surface gives you additional space for preparing and serving meals. Use the open storage for cookbooks, cutting boards, and extra supplies.

18. Toe-Kick Drawer

Maximize the space between your cabinet and the floor with a toe-kick drawer. You can find toe-kick drawers that are actually opened and closed with a light kick. Use the toe-kick drawer for items you do not use daily, such as trays and serving dishes.

19. Pallet Organizer

Turn your pallet into a kitchen organizer by attaching different components to it. This includes a magnetic strip for knives and hooks for other utensils. You can also attach boards between the pallets for small jars.

Your imagination and storage options play a big role in kitchen organization. When you organize your kitchen, you’re making it easy to prepare and serve your meals.

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