4 Questions to Ask Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few benefits and disadvantages to consider when painting your kitchen cabinets. It’s incredible what a new coat of paint can do to change your kitchen cabinets, particularly your kitchen’s perspective, and overall feel. But don’t get too ahead of yourself just yet. Is painting your cabinets the right decision for you? Should you consider new kitchen cabinets instead? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start painting your old kitchen cabinets.

Can of paint for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Is Painting the Correct Answer?

First, you need to determine what it is about the kitchen cabinets that make you want to paint them. Is it your kitchen cabinet configuration or layout? Are there too many cabinets or not enough? Maybe the design of your cabinets is too plain or too elaborate? Are they hung crooked? Or are they simply falling apart?

If your kitchen cabinets have any of these problems, investing your time in painting won’t give you the solution you need. All painting does in these scenarios is to cover up the problem temporarily.

2. Are You Prepared for All the Prep Work

The act of painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy job and relatively inexpensive. However, it does require some cleaning and preparation first. Before your start to paint, your cabinet doors and hardware must be removed and cleaned with a degreasing agent. Even if there’s a thin layer of dust, it’ll show up on the surface of the paint layer.

Use sandpaper to remove any stains or imperfections and create rough ridges for the paint to stick to. Adding a primer will only help block any stains or avoid any surface defects. Once all the painting is complete, all the hardware must be returned to its proper locations and properly aligned.

3. Does It Make Sense to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets’ Surface?

If you have bare, painted, laminate, or metal kitchen cabinets, don’t let us stop you from painting them. However, certain kitchen cabinet surfaces aren’t practical to paint: open-grained wood, cracked or warped laminate, peeling paint, or lead-based paint. With open-grained wood, painting over it won’t produce the smooth paint finish you’re looking for due to the visible grain in woods like ash and mahogany.

When it comes to cracked or warped laminate, these issues can prevent paint from bonding to the cabinets. Peeling or flaking paint means there could be a more significant issue at hand. Your home could have a serious moisture problem that you need to resolve. If your flaking problem is a lead paint problem, stripping it can release harmful dust into the air. Be sure to get a lead test kit to ensure the old paint coat on your kitchen cabinets is lead-free. The solution to most of these issues might be to replace them entirely with custom kitchen cabinets.

4. Are You Looking For a New Color Scheme?

A new color scheme for your kitchen cabinets can create a more upscale and sophisticated look. The critical thing is to be sure the color you choose is what you truly want, or you may end up with regret. The color you choose should be based on your family’s lifestyle, seeing as you spend so much time in the kitchen. With classic white kitchen cabinets, you can experiment with the finish and shade to achieve the perfect kitchen. You can even create a custom color with drops of gray, peach, blue, or any shade.

When you’re looking to change up your old kitchen cabinets, it is essential to consider every aspect. Maybe paint is the solution to your issues, but if it’s not, we have the perfect custom kitchen cabinets for you and your family. Meet with us today, and let’s discuss installing custom kitchen cabinets that will dramatically improve your kitchen.

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