Unforgettable Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets

The bright expansiveness of white kitchen cabinets can be the backdrop for a kitchen as individual as you and your family. By installing white kitchen cabinets, you are creating a versatile space that can be as elegant as you desire or as down-home and warm as you like.

A white kitchen will become unforgettable when you apply your personal interpretation and inspirations to our custom-built cabinetry.

Cabinet Doors Set The Mood

Since doors are the most prominent portion of your kitchen cabinets, you will want to choose carefully.

Consider their function. Are they going to be used for

  • Storing dishes, food, and clutter?
  • Displaying your collection of china and glassware?

If you know your space might not be precisely organized at all times, you may prefer wood cabinet doors that offer some concealment.

If you are super organized and own beautiful china pieces, you might select cabinet doors made of glass that allow you to exhibit them to guests or quietly enjoy them anytime you are in the room.

Glass cabinet doors are popular in today’s kitchens and offer the options of:

  • Single-paned or multi-paned
  • Clear for display
  • Frosted or etched for concealment
  • Mirrored to make your space appear larger

Sparkling glass cabinet doors are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Adding lights to the cabinet interiors can make an “exhibit” of your china, if using clear glass, or brighten the room if you prefer the concealment offered by frosted or etched glass.

When you select glass doors for your white kitchen cabinets, we always suggest you consider the cleaning necessary to eliminate smudges and fingerprints, as well as take into account the differences between single-paned and multi-paned. You will be happier with your kitchen (and with us) if you have considered all the aspects before installation.

If you prefer wooden doors, among your choices are:

The style door you select for your kitchen cabinets sets the mood for the entire room, and there are many elements to consider before making a decision.

Cabinet Hinges, Knobs, & Flourishes

Hinges and knobs for the cabinet doors and drawers should be chosen to emphasize your overall theme. Your theme determines the size and shape of the cabinet hardware. The cabinet pulls and handles, as well as faucets and other fixtures can be selected to coordinate with the knobs on a designer range or to emphasize other focal elements – such as a backsplash or tile work.

You can achieve a quiet elegance with unobtrusive hinges and pulls that coordinate throughout.

Black hinges and knobs or handles are always a great contrast to white kitchen cabinets, but so are other colors – that’s part of the beauty of choosing white kitchen cabinets. For instance, black iron hinges and a vintage look enhance a retro or farmhouse kitchen.

Bright brass, gleaming chrome or subdued metallic finishes each offers its own atmosphere. Our experienced designers have worked with many kitchens over the years and are always happy to assist our clients in selecting suitable hardware to match their new space.

Kitchen Cabinets That Change with the Seasons

If you have children or entertain extensively, you might enjoy accumulating sets of ceramic knobs to match the seasons:

  • Pastels or small animals for spring
  • Beach or water theme for summer
  • Oranges and golds for autumn
  • Bright reds and greens for Christmas or knobs that coordinate with your family’s celebrations
  • Blue or icy colors for winter

By switching out the cabinet knobs, pulling out seasonal linens and tossing down an appropriate throw rug or two you can quickly dress your kitchen to party without stressing your budget.

Cabinet Whites of Many Hues

There are many shades of white, and understanding your family’s lifestyle will help you (and our designers) recognize the exact shade that’s perfect for your cabinets.

Gloss white paint bounces light and produces an energetic feel.

A matte finish is calmer and works to highlight other elements.

You already know whether you prefer to wear a stark white or a creamy white, so you may be more comfortable with a similar shade for your white kitchen cabinets. Having your favorite shade as a background can make you feel better in a room in which you spend so much time.

In addition, you can experiment with a “white paint” that is not totally white. A touch of gray offers a feel of shading, while a drop of peach creates a warm glow. Add a drop or two of any color you are using in your kitchen to create a subtle sense of “oneness” in the heart of your home.

As we work together to design your perfect kitchen, let’s think about how the space will be used:

  • Will children be completing homework as you prepare the evening meal?
  • Will groups of your friends be gathered around chatting?
  • Will you and your mate be teasing and laughing as you cook?

Our custom-made white kitchen cabinets are designed to fit not only your space but your lifestyle. We concentrate on creating an inviting gathering place to which your family and friends will naturally gravitate. Contact RM Kitchens today, and let’s take that first step toward the perfect kitchen for you and your home.

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